Why Is Frederic Chopin’s Music Considered Extraordinary?

Free Woman in Gray Zip Up Hoodie Sitting on Bed Stock PhotoFrederic Chopin is a famous Polish composer and pianist. He was born as early as 1810, and from a very young age, he began to study music. So, for example, at the age of seven, he was already composing, and at eight he began to give concerts.

In his youth, Nicolas moved to Poland, where he began working in a tobacco factory. Now it is not known for sure why he decided to leave France, but the fact remains that he found his second home in Poland.

This country touched the heart of a young man so much that he began to actively participate in its fate and fight for its independence. Even after the defeat of the Kosciuszko Uprising, he remained in Poland and began to engage in teaching activities.

Thanks to his broad scientific perspective and good education, he soon gained an excellent reputation among teachers in Poland. And in 1802 he settled in the estate of the Skarbkov family.

In 1806 he married a distant relative of Skarbkov. According to contemporaries, YustynaKzhizhanovskaya was a well-educated girl who spoke fluently in her fiance’s native language.

In addition, she was an extremely musical person with good piano technique and a beautiful voice. Therefore, Fredrik’s first musical impression was thanks to his mother’s talent. She instilled in him a love of folk melodies.

Chopin is sometimes compared to. They compare in the sense that Frederic, like Amadeus, from a very young age, was obsessed with music.

This love of creativity, musical improvisation, and piano playing was regularly noted by acquaintances and family friends.

This could not but affect his success: at the age of twelve, Chopin was in no way inferior even to the best Polish pianists. And his teacher refused to study with his young pupil, saying that he could not teach him anything else.

Chopin Preludes

Free Man in White Button Up Shirt Playing Trumpet Stock PhotoChopin introduced the genre of “nocturne” to the people in a new way. In the new interpretation, the lyrical and dramatic sketch emerged.

At the time of his first crush and a bitter break with his beloved, Frederick was at the peak of his creativity – then a cycle was released, consisting of 24 preludes. Chopin’s Preludes are a kind of musical diary in which the author describes all his experiences and pain.

Chopin’s Teachings

Thanks to Chopin’s talent, not only as a performer but also as a teacher, many pianists have reached a professional level. All this was achieved with the universal pianist technique.

His lessons were attended not only by young people but also by young aristocratic ladies. Thanks to Fredrik’s lessons, many students have reached considerable heights in the field of music.

Chopin was a true patriot of his country and even though he was several thousand kilometers from his homeland, he did not stop thinking about it. Thanks to an abnormal love for his people and country, Frederick has masterpieces that are in demand to this day.