Is Tap Beer Really Better for the Environment?

On Tap: The Pros and Cons of Draft Beer

There are many different types of beer available these days, but one of the most popular is draft beer. This type of beer is served directly from a Pourtek keg, and many people believe that it has a better flavor than other types.

Draft beer is generally thought to be more flavorful than canned or bottled beer. This can be attributed to the fact that it is served directly from a keg and has not been exposed to air, which can cause flavor changes over time. In addition, draft beer is often fresher than canned or bottled beer since it is served more quickly. There are also various types of unique craft beers available on tap as well as traditional mass-produced varieties.


One of the drawbacks of drinking draft beer is that it usually does not last as long once opened due to its exposure to air. If you plan on drinking several pints in one sitting, then you may want to consider cans or bottles instead. Additionally, draft beer is typically more expensive than canned or bottled beer. This could be attributed to the cost of maintaining a keg system, which is required for serving draft beers.

If you’re looking for good draft beers in your area, then you should try checking out local craft breweries and brewpubs. These places usually have a wide selection of interesting and unique options that are frequently rotated throughout the year. Additionally, many restaurants and bars also now offer an extensive selection of draft beers as well.

In conclusion, there are both pros and cons associated with drinking draft beer. While it generally has a better flavor than canned or bottled varieties, it can be more expensive and does not last as long once opened. However, if you’re looking for a unique craft beer experience, then draft beer is definitely the way to go! Be sure to research local breweries and pubs in your area to find the best selection of draft beers available.