The Dangers Of A Sick Tree

How To Spot The Signs And Know When To Call A Tree Service

A sick tree can be a major hazard to your property. Not only is it an eyesore, but it can also cause significant damage if it falls over. If you click on we will discuss the signs that indicate a tree is sick and needs to be removed. We will also talk about when you should call a tree service to take care of the problem.

Knowing how to recognize the signs of a sick tree can be key to protecting your family from injury. A healthy tree should have sturdy branches, an even shape and thick foliage. Discolored leaves, sparse or dead branches, or deep cracks in the trunk are all indications that a tree may not be well.


If you’re considering planting a new tree, research its species and look for any visible signs of disease before making your purchase. Uncleared dead branches can also become weak and easily break – don’t let them remain on the tree for too long. To ensure the safety of your family and property, it is crucial to check trees regularly for anything out of the ordinary. Catching any issue early is essential and can help minimize damage and danger caused by a sick tree.

When inspecting a tree for signs of sickness, the most obvious changes begin to appear at the foliage first. Leaves that have turned yellow prematurely and branches that are wilting can both signal an underlying health issue. Further exploration reveals bark which may be peeling or falling off in addition to spots along the trunk or limbs. While there are many potential causes leading to a tree becoming sick, these early symptoms are important clues when figuring out how to proceed next. Identifying problems in its earliest stages increases the chances of saving an ailing tree before it is too late.